FasterDB is a web interface to a database that describes known splice variants of human and mouse protein coding genes and their splicing pattern across normal and disease tissues. Our website also provides detailed information about transcripts and UTRs including splice site strengths and miRNA binding sites. It is also possible to check the conservation between human and mouse genes at the exon level, and to detect the splicing factors that can be involved in splicing regulation (sequence analysis and CLIP data).

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Elexir is a web interface to visualize expression data from transcriptome arrays. Users can compare experimental conditions and check the expression patterns of genes and exons accross these conditions in order to detect condition specific splice variants.

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Exon Ontology

Exon Ontology is a web interface to predict the functional consequences of alternative splicing variations. Users can analyze exons (or genomic sequences) to identify the protein features that are associated with these exons, and therefore predicted to be impacted when the exons are differentially expressed.

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FaRLine is a pipeline to analyse the alternative splicing.

Annotation and differential analysis of alternative splicing using de novo assembly of RNAseq data ( doi:10.1101/074807 )

Download FaRLine (human annotation only - 5Go)
Download FaRLine (human & mouse annotation - 9Go )